Artist's Statement

I work in a wooden studio at the end of the garden: engaging with colour and pattern, texture and line, shape and form, gesture and mark-making; getting lost in the physicality and joy of paint. Dog walking by the Thames and through our London parks keeps me grounded and inspired.

I feel there’s universal energy or spirit that connects all matter and living things and we belong to it. I try to recognise and honour this by stepping into a creative flow and allowing it to take me along. This process involves being in the moment in a state of primitive trust: working intuitively, exploring through imagination and memory, taking risks and daring to be playful.

As part of nature, we are made from Earth, Air, Fire and Water, nourished and governed by the sun and the moon. So in my work, the human figure represents the essence of every man and every woman. The outer landscape of the natural world reflects our inner landscape or psyche, like myth and symbol. The shapes and images arise and often seem to make themselves.

My work is in private collections in the UK, France, Canada, USA, Greece and Norway. Together with commissioned murals and community projects in schools and galleries, I am very happy to have several paintings on permanent display in Teddington Memorial Hospital.